RIF Corporation

The RIF Corporation was established in Voronezh city on the basis of the
microelectronics experimental plant «RI F».

The main types of activities of our company are:

  • Development and manufacture of industrial products for railway transport;
  • Development and manufacture of products based on thermoelectric modules, operating on Peltier and Seebeck effects;
  • Development and manufacture of products based on modern thick-film heating elements;
  • Development and manufacture of products based on technology of hybrid microelectronics, acousticelectronics;
  • Development and manufacturing of photo-detectors.

RIF Corporation is structured in a unique way, with the existence of four independent production departments allowing intensive development in conditions of the modern market economy, irrespective of the volume change of each business area.

Loyalty and flexibility of marketing policy, advanced management strategies, flexible organization structure, and professionalism of specialists of our technical departments allow us to meet specific requirements of our clients concerning parameters of our products, increase company marketability, and dynamically respond to requirements of Russian and world market.

RIF Corporation is an annual participant of conferences such as ICT, ECT, «Russian Innovation Week», and also exhibitions such as Hannover Messe, Electronica, Innotrans, and OGS in Middle East.

For the last three years RIF Corporation has mastered and integrated 6 new technological processes:

  • Plasma spraying
  • Material laser cutting
  • Material hydro-abrasive cutting,
  • Production of fiber-glass products,
  • Hot and cold pressing of thermoelectric materials,
  • Production of optical ceramics.

    General Director of the company hascharacterized the activity of corporation as follows:

    «At present, our company is one of the most high-tech, economically effective companies of the Russian Federation. Owing to our highly professional team of employees working in our company, we have managed to become one of the leading developers and suppliers of products using nano-technologies, which are highly desirable in the home market as well as in the overseas market. RIF Corporation is a global brand and its fundamental values are reliability, quality, advanced technologies, and the creativity of company personnel».