Low power electromotors

Low power AC motors, stepper motors, motor reducers, non-contacting electric motors for custom made products and electric drive for various application fields.

The output electric motors have the following basic advantages:

  • high per unit and energy ratings
  • increased operating speed
  • durability
  • up to 24 years of storability time


Success promoting technologies:


1. Standardscompliance

The output products comply with the quality classes:

«5», «9», «RK-98»

2. Reliability

Trouble-free operation under multiple specific factors influence

3. Up-to-date solutions

Advanced technologies and modern materials

4. Efficient response

Professional team capable of dealing with any issue

5. Multifaceted approach

We can offer a ready and functionally complete solution of your problems

Application fields:


1. Executive elements for automatic control systems

2. Steering servo drive

3. Direct action electric drive

4. Electric drives of various application fields for space technologies 

5. Valve servo drivefor radar equipment