Термоэлектрические генераторы

The thermogenerator operates via Seebeck effect which was discovered in 1821. Over time it became practically applied in current sources which were used for research of galvanic process, various electrical processes and phenomena. In the 50s of the 20th century thermogenerators became practically applied as self-contained power sources used in the areas without centralized power supply. The time of space exploration paved the way for the thermoelectric energy development. It was then when radioisotopicthermogenerators were used as power sources for space modules. At that very time thermogenerator was used as a power source for  cathodic protection for the main gasline. The thermogenerators advantages include: static single-step system of first category conversion, lack of moving parts; long maintenance-free life; possibility to receive heat from all types of thermal energy sources; operation regardless of the location; independence from the environment (space, water, ground) in which the thermogenerator is used. Application fields : industrial application includes usage as self-contained power sources on main gaslines; as a source of power suppy for consumers living in remote and hard-to-reach mountainous areas and in the areas of the high north (leading marks, weather stations etc.); used in the field of deep space exploration (radioisotope generators and nuclear thermoelectric installations); in medical fields used as cardioaccelerators; in everyday life used as self-contained power sources. Possible future use includes: current sources during space and ocean explorations; as a self-contained power supply for the main gaslineequipment ;used in small scale power generation.