Railway Applications

The specialty of supplying railway application products manufactured by RIF Corporation is complexity. In other words, our products provide the possibility to supply several alternatives to each locomotive at the same time, thus providing more convenience and benefits.Products supplied for railways have completely modular construction, providing applications in different locomotives such as mainline and switching locomotives.
Products are intended for continuous operation in severe climatic and mechanical conditions.

All products can be divided into four groups:
Controlled thyristor rectifiers (traction converters, rectifiers for generator field winding supply and etc.)
Control and diagnostic units for microprocessor control systems in traction and braking modes microprocessor control system, thermo-sensors control unit.)
Protective and commutating products (resistor units, chokes, shunts, insulators and etc.)
Products for comfortable microclimate maintenance in the locomotive cabin (conditioners).

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Silicone Rectifier Unit BVК-1012R-UHL Z


The silicone Rectifier Unit BVK-1012R-UHLZ is an integral part of the locomotive. The main function of this unit is exciting current adjustment of the towing synchronous generator.

Thermal Sensors Control Unit (BКТ)


The thermal sensor control unit is intended for receiving signals from temperature sensors (thermal sensors type – TSP-364) and thermocouples (thermocouples type – THA). After the information from the sensors is collected, the unit returns the data via serial interface RS 232.

Power Supply Unit for Frequency Transducers BPPCH -2


The power supply unit for frequency transducers is intended for feed impulse voltage generating through four galvanically separated channels in order to control thyristors.

Accelerating and Braking Resistor Unit BPT R-62 and BPT R-63


The accelerating and braking resistor unit (BPTR-62 and BPTR-63) is designed to limit the current of traction engines in traction mode and dissipate electric energy in dynamic braking mode of the electric locomotive E P2К.

Standard System Control Unit of Diesel Locomotive Automation (BR USTA )


The standard system control unit for diesel locomotive automation BR USTA is designed to control all hardware resources of the unified control system for power transmission and diesel locomotive electric supply, sensor set power supply and connection with trimming equipment.

Rectifier Control Unit (BSAU )


The rectifier automatic control unit BSAU serves to assemble and process discrete, analog, and frequency signals as well as for generating phase-controlled signals to control rectifier on a thyristor driver to form and enhance the thyristor connection control impulses.

Diode Units BD-212; BD-215


Diode units are intended for continuous current maintenance in the power circuits of contactor switches.

Valve Inductor Generator VIG -6-27,5R


The valve inductor generator VIG-6-27,5R is intended to operate as a part of power supply systems for stationary and mobile devices, electronics, communication sets, control devices, and provides battery charging

Rectifiers М-ТPP -3000-U2; М-ТPP -3600D-U2


The rectifier М-ТPP is designed to convert the unstable value and frequency three-phase alternating voltages of a diesel-generator to 6 independently trimmed direct voltages for separate power traction motors of main-line diesel locomotive types 2ТE116; 2ТE70; 2ТE25К.

Impulse Voltage Booster (VDU )


The Impulse voltage booster is intended for maintenance supply voltage of control microprocessor systems in specified limits when voltage in an on-board circuit instantly decreases at start of the diesel engine.

Microprocessor Control System


The microprocessor control system is intended for optimal automatic diesel generator control according to signals that are transferred from the driver’s controller, or according to velocity of the train that is controlled by the autopilot.

Microprocessor System for Control and Diagnostics of the Electric Locomotive Equipment «MSUD -N» (Rack BU-193)


The microprocessor system for control and diagnostics of the electric locomotive equipment is designed to control traction collector electric drive and electric apparatuses for electric locomotives EP1; VL80М; 2ES5К («Yermak»), for automatic control of mo-tion modes, to control electric locomotive equipment condition, output information about equipment condition to a driver and into energy-independent portable storage unit.

Modular Control Cabin for Traction Equipment


The control cabin is developed on a base platform and intended for mounting in main-line locomotives of the next generation. With construction changes there is the capability to use the cabin on shunting locomotives, electric trains, rail buses etc.

Single-Channel Rectifiers


The single-channel rectifier (V-ТPP-220-220-100-U2) is designed to convert three-phase alternating voltage of the traction synchronous generator into value controlled direct voltage and is applied for the field winding supply of the traction generator of main line diesel locomotives (2ТE25К; 2ТE25А) and diesel-locomotive shunters (ТEМ18; ТEМ21).

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