Modular Control Cabin for Traction Equipment

The control cabin is developed on a base platform and intended for mounting in main-line locomotives of the next generation. With construction changes there is the capability to use the cabin on shunting locomotives, electric trains, rail buses etc.

The Modular Cabin is equipped with all systems that are necessary for safety control of the locomotive by the locomotive team.


  • Control panels
  • Safety systems
  • Brake systems
  • Thermoelectric microclimate system
  • Radio facilities
  • Electric heating system based on thick-film elements

    The control cabin for traction equipment has a modular design. Mounting and dismantling of the cabin to the electric locomotive is performed with the use of bolts.

    Cabin face section has a bracing boom to protect operating personnel in collisions and can endure a load of 290 kN (30 ton-force), evenly apportioned across the width of face section.


  • The estimated weight of cabin is 3000 kg.
  • The heat transmission coefficient of cabin frame (average) is not more than 1,7 W/m2 K.
  • The hermetic coefficient (temperature)is not more than 55·10-3 1/h °С.
  • It possesses a highly efficient cooling system. The accuracy of temperature maintenance is under +2 °С.