Microprocessor System for Control and Diagnostics of the Electric Locomotive Equipment «MSUD -N» (Rack BU-193)

The microprocessor system for control and diagnostics of the electric locomotive equipment is designed to control traction collector electric drive and electric apparatuses for electric locomotives EP1; VL80М; 2ES5К («Yermak»), for automatic control of mo-tion modes, to control electric locomotive equipment condition, output information about equipment condition to a driver and into energy-independent portable storage unit. «МSUD-N» It is composed of: a control unit BU-193, a display unit, and associated cables.

The control unit BU-193 comprises the central microcontroller unit CMC and two identical microprocessor-based controllers МPC1 and МPC2 for traction drive control.

For the purpose of unification of home electric hardware and availability to work with foreign manufacturers, the rack BU-193 comprises 19 inch portable subunits from the German company «Schroff», which meets the European Standard. It makes it possible for designers to change easily the configuration of electronic equipment for the following modifications and interchangeability of electronic modules, as well as printed-circuit cards.

Overall Dimensions:

  • Width, mm, 600;
  • Height, mm, 800;
  • Depth, mm, 500.