Railway Applications

The specialty of supplying railway application products manufactured by RIF Corporation is complexity. In other words, our products provide the possibility to supply several alternatives to each locomotive at the same time, thus providing more convenience and benefits.Products supplied for railways have completely modular construction, providing applications in different locomotives such as mainline and switching locomotives.
Products are intended for continuous operation in severe climatic and mechanical conditions.

All products can be divided into four groups:
Controlled thyristor rectifiers (traction converters, rectifiers for generator field winding supply and etc.)
Control and diagnostic units for microprocessor control systems in traction and braking modes microprocessor control system, thermo-sensors control unit.)
Protective and commutating products (resistor units, chokes, shunts, insulators and etc.)
Products for comfortable microclimate maintenance in the locomotive cabin (conditioners).

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Step-down Transformer Т-132


The transformer Т-132 is designed to step down the three-phase AC voltage of 220V, 50Hz to 75V.

Voltage and Current Transducer


The voltage and current transducer is used for galvanic separation and transformation of the input voltage into proportional output current. The transducer transforms the input voltage into a unified electrical signal of direct current between (0-5) mA.

Traction Converter (М-ТPP -8300-U2) for Cargo Main-line Gas Turbine Locomotives (GT 1)


The traction converter is designed to rectify the three-phase AC power supply voltage to 6 phases, controlled by value voltages of direct current, for separate element powering of direct current ТL-3 traction motors of main line gas turbine locomotive traction electric drives.

Control Panels for Main-line Locomotives


Control panels of glass fiber plastic products and a metal frame are intended for mounting in main-line locomotive cabs, to distribute information display facilities and controls.

Relief аnd Impulse Resistor RОV-139 аnd RОV-140


The relief and impulse resistors RОV-139 and RОV-140 are designed to perform the relief and the impulse of traction motors in traction mode.

Accelerating Resistor RP-143 and RP-144


The accelerating resistors RP-143 and RP-144 are intended to limit the transverter starting current of the electric locomotive of the type EP2К.

Water Refining System for Railway Carriages


The Water Refining System (SPPV-01) provides water filtration, cooling, and disinfecting. The SPPV-01 is designed especially for railway carriages of passenger trains, to fulfil the need for high quality pure drinking water.

Thermoelectric conditioner


The Thermoelectric conditioner (CTE)is used for ventilation, cooling, heating and air cleaning of dust inside locomotive driving cabs and any other vehicles that have a cab capacity size smaller than 12m3 .

HTE Thermoelectric Refrigerator


The HTE – Thermoelectric Refrigerator is intended for food and beverage storage in railway passenger coaches and locomotive cabs. The HTE has a metal housing with an 80 liter internal volume.

Inductive Shunt ISH -83


The inductive shunt is intended for minimization of instant current increase and is best for towing engines commutation improvement during transient processes with weak excitation in the traction mode.

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